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"I’m an aspiring music producer/electronic musician who just wants to experiment with music by fusing different musical styles"

Myke started to play with loops and samples in 2003 as new found hobby, after entering remixing contests in acidplanet.com. Myke decided to do original stuff and so he created Evo Evolver, A musical project that concentrates on musical experimentation. The tunes created from that project were a fusion of his musical preferences like rock, pop, hip-hop and electronica, and they sounded gritty and dark. After awhile, he decided to push his musical experimentation further, so he looked for singers to collaborate with, and in 2006 Evo Evolver focused on doing break beats, Drum and Bass that really made him a better musician, producer and artist. 2010, the Evo Evolver project changed its name to F-Zer0.

You can listen to his tracks here: F-Zero on soundcloud

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