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FEEN has a sound that encourage very different perceptions of the environment in which it was created - the synths’ lightness of touch combined with an aura of rhythmic space. Incorporating elements of rock, electronica drum & bass and ambient, FEEN songs are conceived and performed live.

Founded by songwriter Juno Limjap and producers: Myke Madriaga (Former member of Feen) along with Paul Pajo and Ado Ortiz (Flipperbaby) in September 2008. Hence, Juno felt the pull of strong artistic rapport with Kishore Murphy Ramnani in 1999 – and only began working together in January 2009, it is at that time when Kishore became part of the group. In November 2008, FEEN started recording under Road Runner Productions, focusing on electronica sub-genres that emphasized on faith, human reaction, inspiration, and purpose. The album was finished and mastered in Creative Portal Studios - where Sound Design creator Ronald ‘Deax’ De Asis spearheaded.

A Marriage of Rock and Electronica:
Drawing inspiration from D&B acts and also moody modern rock artists  : “Tapestry” offered a rough draft of Feen’s modus operandi. On “Hating Gabi,” according to critiques would be the album’s biggest single, Juno demonstrated her skill at marrying a goth rant [inherited from co-writer Kessenth Cheng] to Kishore’s engaging beat-driven track.

Listen to them here: Feen on soundcloud

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